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John at RGH 24 Jan 2015This blog began life as JOHNCOXFORTORFAEN – a campaigning blog for the General Election on 7th. May 2015 – and has become a commentary on political issues. Slightly amended, this was the essence of its original introduction:

“Dr JOHN COX is a long-time campaigner for peace, green and democratic issues. He has lived in Abersychan for 36 years and served as a Councillor for Abersychan and Garndiffaith. He is a consultant engineer and has worked in over 20 countries advising governments, UN agencies and industry on green-related projects.

He is not currently a member of a political party but agrees with most policies of the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the Socialist Labour Party and socialists who remain in the old Labour Party. He is contesting this election (for the Socialist Labour Party) because he believes the austerity policies of the London-based parties are both morally wrong and ineffective as a financial ‘strategy’.

If elected (!), he would work with the Plaid Cymru/Green/SNP anti-austerity anti-Trident progressive alliance – with whom he has good relations already, as shown in this ‘blog’ by his commendations of positive contributions from the Green Party (on green issues and nationalisation) and Plaid Cymru (on all things Welsh).”

In the event I received 697 votes which – though derisory relative to those blessed by TV and other media attention – was the highest in Wales for a labelled ‘socialist’.  

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PS    “Why Socialist Labour” is a good first introduction to my politics – but see also Octogenarian for motivation.. 


6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Jeff m says:

    Hello john. Glad to see your still holding the torch high for what you believe in. I’ll be watching for sure. Hope your keeling well..


  2. “He is not currently a member of a political party but agrees with most policies of the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the Socialist Labour Party and those socialists that remain in the old Labour Party.” What a refreshing statement to hear in an election period, a new kind of politics.


  3. Tony Kinsella. Garndiffaith resident. says:

    Tony Kinsella, resident of Garndiffaith. It,s nice to see that not everyone wants to devistate our community with the polution of opencast, I hope you do well at the election John.


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