Trident costs – a quick quiz

The three establishment parties at Westminster (and UKIP) all support “upgrading” the Trident nuclear submarine nuclear “deterrent”.  But scrapping this £100 billion folly would go a long way towards solving Britain’s financial problems.

Try this quick quiz (for the answers, see the page “Immoral and unusable”):

1        How much does this cost the people of Britain per minute?

a)   £5707            b)     £570               c)   £57

2        For how long could this fully fund all A&E services in Britain?

a)    4 years          b)    40 years          c)   20 years

3       How many jobs could be created if this was spent on green and social infrastructure?

a)     20,000          b)    2,000,000        c)   200,000

4        How many people could the British Trident nuclear arsenal kill?

a)     3 million         b)    32 million        c)    320 million


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