Labour is better

John CoxMany of my posts are critical of Labour – for having similar or even identical policies to the Tories. Despite these criticisms, I still believe a Labour government would be infinitely preferable to a continuation of Tory rule.

For the record, here are some Labour policies that (if you’re not ready to vote for John Cox or the Socialist Labour Party) are good reasons for voting Labour:

Repealing the Bedroom Tax, Imposing new rent controls, Raising the minimum wage (preferably to at least the “living” wage), Improved child care, Extra apprenticeships, Ending NomDom tax evasion, Scrapping the House of Lords, Ending the badger cull, Extending marine protection zones – and many more.

If I lived in a constituency where the contest is between Labour and any of the Tory and quasi-Tory parties, I would unhesitatingly vote Labour – despite Labour’s addiction to nuclear weapons and their refusal to reverse Tory spending cuts.

Fortunately, there is zero possibility of a Tory/LibDem/UKIP victory in Torfaen – so electors can vote for even better policies.  


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