Plaid Cymru is OK

Plaid Cymru symbol Apart from on one specific issue, I haven’t criticised Plaid Cymru in my posts and, if you’re not going to vote for John Cox, I will be quite happy for you to vote Plaid Cymru.

Plaid’s policies for ending austerity and not renewing Trident accord with mine and they also have equally sensible policies on nationalisation and most green issues. My only serious criticism, which I have voiced already in this blog, is their opportunist blurring of their conference policy against nuclear power in the hope that this will win them votes in Ynys Mon and Arfon.

The stumbling block for many voters is “independence” – their long-term objective. I have an open mind on this but it is not an immediate issue and will remain an irrelevance until such time as at least 40% of the Welsh electorate support it.

In the meantime, supporters and opponents of “independence” alike should support Wales having parity with Scotland in respect to finance and government. The current arrangements amount to gross discrimination against Wales (which, let it be said, is the surest way to stimulate separatist ideas whilst Scotland forges ahead with a far better settlement).

Plaid Cymru plays a positive and progressive role in Welsh political life and in the anti-nuclear and anti-austerity alliance with the Green Party and SNP. I would be very comfortable if it wins a respectable vote on 7th May – although I think voting for John Cox would send a far clearer signal to Labour about where they are failing.

[Tomorrow – Green is OK too]


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