Green is OK too

Climate not tridentI support all green aspirations and, if you don’t vote for John Cox, I would be happy for you to vote for the Green Party.

My reservations about the Green Party are strategic. Without compulsion I don’t think multinationals will agree to help alleviate climate change and pollution.

The ethos of capitalism is to make quick money and, through their power and influence and control of the mass media, the richest 1% are able to thwart any half-hearted green proposals. To achieve green aspirations, we have to mount a fundamental challenge to their ability to exploit people as well as the environment.

One aspect of the European Union is that it curbs unethical behaviour – which is why big business has bankrolled UKIP and why the millionaire-owned media promotes UKIP policies. But the EU only imposes puny restrictions – just imagine the reaction if they imposed measures to prevent climate change and halt all pollution.

To see the human race through to the next century, governments not only have to take over the “commanding heights of the economy” (Nye Bevan) but also impose effective curbs on capitalist enterprises. Despite this need to impose draconian measures, the Green Party itself remains unwilling to become a socialist party.

The Green Party is thin on the ground in Torfaen and few electors will have received even a leaflet. But if you’re not yet ready to vote socialist but impressed by the Green Party speakers on TV, do go ahead and vote green.


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