No, I don’t expect to win

Torfaen is ultra- safe for Labour. Our next MP will be Nick Thomas-Symonds. acorn to oak

So why am I contesting? Frankly I would not have stood if Nick were like (say) Paul Flynn (in Newport West) or Jeremy Corbyn (Islington) and likely to campaign to reverse Tory spending cuts and oppose nuclear weapons.

I also would not be standing if either the Green Party or Plaid Cymru candidates were visible in Torfaen and campaigning against austerity and Trident renewal. But both, for personal reasons, have relied on TV appearances by their excellent leaders, Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood.

So, rather than sit at home fretting, I decided to stand. Otherwise I would have not been able to write these posts arguing for more progressive policies. I have nothing against Nick personally. He is a loyal and capable Labour member and, if Labour decided to reverse Tory spending cuts and plans to renew Trident, he would be equally convincing in arguing for my preferred alternative policies. But unlike Paul Flynn and Jeremy Corbyn and other left Labour MPs, it’s not in his nature to argue for anything other than official party policy.

The point of voting for John Cox on May 7th is to tell the Labour Party to reject austerity and Trident renewal and to make a clean break with Tory policies (a clear “red line” – to quote our former First Minister).

That’s what I would be doing if (by a miracle) I were to be elected. So every vote cast for John Cox will message our new MP to respond to these demands. Far from being wasted (as adding one more vote to Nick’s huge majority will be), a good vote for John Cox (Socialist Labour) will send a very clear message to Labour to oppose austerity and Trident renewal.

PS If you wish to read more of my views on these topics, hit the Tag for Trident or Austerity or whatever and scroll down.


5 thoughts on “No, I don’t expect to win

  1. lynda clarkson says:

    I’m finding the decision over placing my vote more difficult than usual. The absence of the candidates for the parties I most closely agree with is an issue that is throwing me off for sure. Labour has policies that I can agree with but then again some I absolutely don’t. A deal to take the majority with a minor party would suit me fine if it was a workable arrangement but with Labour standing its ground (understandable they want to project a winners attitude but it doesn’t help the voter) re no deal with nationalist parties and a refusal to state their true intensions in the case of a hung parliament I’m floundering around with my decision. With Torfaen being such a safe seat for Labour I suppose it doesn’t matter in the cold light of day so will stick to me original plan and put a cross in the box of the candidate who I could a. most closely agree with their manifesto b. trust to represent the people of the Borough and not turn coat, c. be accessible to residents and d. wants to make a difference for the majority in this country and not to continue to support the richest in creaming off the cash and hoard it away d. has respect for the environment and wants change to ensure its protection e. does not support Trident. That’s the Tories and UKIP out then. After yesterdays vote in the Senedd against the amendments in the Planning Bill to ensure a more level playing field for residents, I don’t trust them to represent me in Plenary so can I expect better in Westminster? After that it’s a close call and but need to find that candidate that fulfils my remit. Hay ho, you may get my vote John, on the basis I’ve stated. I remain undecided even at this late stage so just as well my vote will make little difference to the outcome aye! I’ll have to wait for the Assembly elections to hopefully find a candidate I can fully support. I live in hope 🙂


  2. ian says:

    Yet another lawyer to swell the ranks in Westminster. i hope your wrong but I have a feeling you maybe correct. At least you seem like a person of principle, not many left nowadays. I agree with you on the Trident issue, also why should the public be held responsible for the City of London and its money launderers and hedge fund managers criminal activities??? good luck John Cox.


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